AO Regional Courses MENA 2024

September 30 – October 7

Confidence in the operating room comes from knowing you are up to date with the latest advances and knowledge. But how do you know you haven't missed anything?

In the comfort of Dubai’s top learning locations, the AO's annual Regional Courses provide the best in patient-centered education and hands-on training, from basic principles to tips and tricks from the experts. Get registered, get learning, and get comfortable!

Join us in celebrating 20 years of AO Regional Courses MENA! Through two decades of innovation, dedication and collaboration, the AO community in the Middle East and North Africa has continually fostered excellence in orthopedic care, shaping the future of the field.

Join us for the AO Regional courses in Dubai for Trauma, Spine, Recon and CMF

September 30 – October 7, 2024

For over 40 years, the AO has delivered lifelong learning opportunities to the Middle East and Northern African (MENA) region. Find the offering in your specialty that corresponds to your interests and career direction, meet the top regional and international surgeons in the field, and keep growing with their experiences and expertise.

As the MENA Chairperson Amir Elbarbary from AO CMF summarizes, "the AO’s Regional Courses in Dubai are a focal point for people across the region to come together, study, train, and learn from each other. It is here that you have the chance to boost your skills and gain valuable insights into the latest treatments and techniques in your field."

AO Trauma Regional Courses 2024

AO Trauma Course—Basic Principles of Fracture Management

October 4–6, 2024

The AO Trauma course Basic Principles of Fracture Management teaches fundamental principles and current concepts in the treatment of injuries, incorporating the latest techniques in operative fracture management. The AO Trauma Basic Principles course is the initial step along the path of lifelong learning in the area of operative fracture management and the main focus of this course lies in the basic principles of fracture management.

Chairpersons: Ali Jarragh (Kuwait), Eyad Bin Tareef (Jordan)


AO Trauma Course—Advanced Principles of Fracture Management

October 4–6, 2024

Course Description: The course will be taught in a modular format. Each module consists of several evidence-based lectures, which will cover the key information required. In practical exercises participants will be trained in the application of various techniques. Discussing cases in small groups will help participants to understand decision-making and management skills.
After the course an online postcourse self-assessment will provide participants with an opportunity to review the important topics from the course. To support self-directed learning, a range of additional online resources will be offered.

Participants must have already completed the AO Trauma Course—Basic Principles of Fracture Management and must be actively involved in trauma management.

Chairperson: Mostafa Mahmoud (Egypt) / Co-chairperson: Ahmed Al-Zubaidi (Iraq)


AO Trauma Course—Advanced Principles of Fracture Management for ORP

October 4–5, 2024

The course structure provides didactic presentations, group discussions between participants and faculty, and practical exercises to apply different operative techniques.

Chairperson: Mohammed Ali (Egypt) / Co-chairperson: Osama Sholi (Palestine)


AO Trauma Masters Course—Hip Fractures (With Human Anatomical Specimens)

October 4–6, 2024

This AO Trauma Masters course aims to maximize patient outcomes following fractures around the hip, by improving the practicing surgeon’s ability to recognize, classify, plan, and deal with these injuries in different settings. The AO Principles, the latest techniques, and up-to-date evidence will be incorporated into the course, guiding participants in developing the knowledge and skills needed to treat these injuries and improve patient outcomes.

Chairpersons: Ali Al Belooshi (United Arab Emirates), Raed Al Zaben (Egypt)


AO Trauma Masters Course—Hand & Wrist Fractures (With Human Anatomical Specimens)

October 5–7, 2024

The participants should ideally have attended advanced principles course / AO Hand course and have a few years prior experience of working in a hand surgery unit. The AO Trauma Masters Course-Hand and Wrist is a highly interactive course where participants are encouraged to apply and discuss the principles, skills, and techniques for treating hand and wrist injuries. The course will concentrate on internal fixation of fractures, skeletal reconstruction procedures as well as ligament injuries of the wrist. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have a broader and better understanding of how, when, and where to apply their knowledge in their clinical practice. The course will be taught in a modular format. Each module consists of a case presentation about a problem followed by intense round table discussion about the condition and how to approach it followed by small number of short evidence-based lectures, which will cover the key information required. Discussing cases in small groups as well as panel discussions will help participants to understand decision making and management skills. The 2 days intense course of lectures and case-based learning followed by a third day of training in cadaveric lab where participants will have the opportunities to practice what they learnt during the theoretical part.

Chairpersons: Abdel Hakim Massoud (Egypt), Hussain Algawahmed (Saudi Arabia)


AO Trauma Masters Course—Knee Fractures (With Human Anatomical Specimens)

October 4–6, 2024

Participants should have completed the AO Trauma Courses—Basic Principles and preferably Advanced Principles of Fracture Management. The course is designed for orthopedic surgeons and fracture specialists with at least three years of experience.

Chairpersons: Fadi Nassereddine (Lebanon) and Abdulaziz Aljurayyan (KSA)

ElZaher Hassan

“Dear fellow participants,

AO Trauma provides high-quality education on a global scale. However, here in the MENA region, we strive to offer a unique experience and take exceptional care of our guests.
Our regional faculty members possess extensive experience and expertise in the field of Orthopedic Trauma. Many of them have international exposure and contribute to international courses such as the Davos Courses. Additionally, our carefully selected international guest faculty are prepared to share their valuable insights and experiences with you.

We are pleased to offer education for our partner in the operating rooms as well, recognizing the significance of providing a dedicated advanced course specifically tailored to their needs.

It's not just about education; it's about a lifetime experience. By participating, you will have the opportunity to connect with new friends from various parts of the world, learn about different customs, and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of Dubai.

We warmly invite you to join our regional courses and have a wonderful time.


ElZaher Hassan
Chairperson of AO Trauma MENA

AO Recon Regional Courses 2024

AO Recon Course—Complex Total Hip Arthroplasty (with Human Anatomical specimens)

30 September – 1 October 2024

The AO Recon Course—Complex Total Hip Arthroplasty teaches current concepts in the treatment of patients with a need for revision or complex primary arthroplasty in the hip. This course is targeted at certified, experienced orthopedic surgeons who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in complex arthroplasty.

International Chairperson: Rüdiger Von Eisenhart-Rothe, Germany

Local Chairperson: Omar Sabri, UAE


AO Recon Course—Complex and Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty and Joint Preservation (with Human Anatomical specimens)

2–3 October 2024

This course is modular in structure and highly interactive. Short, evidence-based lectures cover the key information required. Revision knee arthroplasty, osteotomies, ligament repair, and reconstruction procedures will be covered with a focus on principles. Moderated case discussions in small groups will expand on each topic and help participants to develop decision-making skills. Surgical skills are enhanced in the anatomical specimen laboratory. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experience with peers and international faculty.

International Chairperson: Carsten Perka, Germany

Local Chairperson: Feras Yaish, UAE


AO Recon Masters Seminar—Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI)

4 October 2024

This seminar is delivered through evidence-based lectures, moderated case discussions in small groups, and plenary cases. The seminar provides the latest information on the core topics related to infection and enables participants to develop decision-making skills and share their experience with peers and faculty.

Chairpersons: Feras Yaish (UAE), Guillermo Bonilla (COL)

AO Spine Regional Course 2024

AO Spine Masters Course—Adult Spinal Deformity (With Human Anatomical Specimens)

5–6 October 2024

Online pre-course self-assessment prepares participants for the course and allows the faculty to tailor the course to the needs of the participants. The course will be divided into two parts. The first one will be the theoretical part which will include several lectures and case discussions from the experts on several adult spine deformity pathologies. The second part will be the practical one. Participants will be able to learn and perform almost all the osteotomies and fusion surgeries and techniques on live specimens in the cadaveric lab. They will also be able to learn all the surgical tips and tricks of some of the most experienced deformity spine surgeons around the world.

Chairperson: Rizwan Akram / EA: Muzahem Taha (Iraq)

AO CMF Regional Course 2024

AO CMF Course—Oral Oncology and Reconstruction (With Human Anatomical Specimens)

4–6 October, 2024

This two-day face-to-face AO CMF advanced course is designed through a combination of focused keynote lectures, panel discussions, and hands-on practical exercises with human anatomical specimens. Expert faculty will moderate all activities in a highly interactive learning environment on topics of interest that is evidence based highlighting the role of virtual planning. Course faculty will share their tips and tricks in dealing with complications while encouraging participants to discuss the content and to share their own experiences.

Chairpersons: Khalid Abdelgalil (UAE), Noor Ul Wahab (Pakistan)

Join us for the AO Regional courses in Dubai for Trauma, Spine, Recon and CMF

September 30 – October 7, 2024