Development, production, and distribution of high-quality educational multimedia resources to the AO community and beyond.

E-learning is a collective term for teaching and learning processes that are supported by digital media. In addition to the pure presentation of information in digital and multimedia form, e-learning is particularly concerned with accompanying and supporting learning processes. AO needs a portfolio of e-learning tools to support its mission: “the development and innovation of high-quality educational services and product“.

One part of our daily work is to apply these systems to introduce and maintain them where necessary and to develop them further, based on the needs and the didactic modalities of the AO education principles.

In addition to technical advice, we provide support in the methodical as well as didactic development of teaching content.

We consult and collaborate on teaching material projects before the initiation phase including implementation and maintenance of the products. The AO e-Learning team has a wide range of expertise in learning, information and multimedia technology, and understands how to combine these skills to provide a state-of-the-art e-learning toolkit for the AO community.


AO/OTA Classification

Explore the resources and tools available that will help you classify fractures.
Available free of charge in the iTunes App Store and Google Play store.

E-learning modules

Standalone e-learning modules offer learning opportunities for basic procedures and techniques.

Evaluation: continuous improvement for education


Why do we evaluate educational events? With a strong focus on maintaining and improving the quality of AO education around the world, the AO Education Platform and the AO Clinical Divisions recognized the need for a central, consistent, and continuous reporting platform for all educational activities. A common concept was agreed, and the tools, systems and workflows were developed for collecting/analyzing data and creating consistent reports for internal and external stakeholders.

Our processes and tools offer an efficient way to present data from a range of pre- and post-event activities to chairpersons and other stakeholders. The practical reports help chairpersons to understand their participants and focus on their needs to optimize learning and ultimately impact patient outcomes. With this the AO measures the effectiveness of educational events and activities—planning of future events can be improved based on continuous data analysis.


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