AO Technical Commission Meet the Experts

Excellence in innovation on display.

This popular format offers the opportunity to learn about the AO Technical Commission's most recently approved medical devices and to explore hot topics in trauma and orthopedic surgery. The sessions showcase clinical benefits of innovative devices and surgical techniques which are so new that they have not yet been included in AO course programs.

In an engaging series of stage shows featuring practical demonstrations, expert surgeons who are directly involved in the development of new implants and instruments present clinical cases and explain the benefits of new solutions for patient care. The sessions are streamed live and available thereafter on our website.

Meet the Experts 2023

Explore latest innovations in orthopedic surgery with our experts.

Treatment of Extraarticular Distal Radius Fractures with a Novel Intramedullary Nail

Prof. Dr. med. Ladislav Nagy and Prof. Dr. med. Martin Langer demonstrate how to treat an extraarticular distal radius fracture by using intramedullary nailing. After the procedure, the surgeons discuss the outcome.

Innovations in treatment of syndesmotic injuries

The FIBULINK™ Syndesmosis Repair System combines the benefits of fixation of a screw and the flexibility of a suture. It is the first adjustable syndesmotic repair system to enable precise, anatomical syndesmotic fixation. A short, high-strength suture bridge helps to restore the physiological kinematics of the ankle. The fixation concept addresses limitations of suture button constructs including lack of tension control and medial soft tissue disruption. In this Meet the Experts video, Michael Swords and Andy Sands explain the function and clinical benefits of this syndesmotic fixation system. The insertion of the implant is demonstrated in an artificial bone model as well as in a cadaveric specimen.


MAXFRAME AUTOSTRUT™ Multi-Axial Correction System is a first-of-its-kind fully automated hexapod ring-fixation system. It provides a solution to the drawbacks of hexapod external ring-fixation treatment by automating the strut adjustment process. Patients no longer need to manipulate the struts, leading to a superior experience throughout the treatment, and reducing the risk of negative clinical outcomes caused by unintended strut adjustments. It further enables smaller, more frequent actuations, up to 20 times per day. This may be better for the surrounding soft tissue, reduce pain, and improve the quality of the bone regenerate vs. larger and less frequent strut adjustments..

Veterinary Screw Targeting Clamp

The new Veterinary Screw Targeting Clamp (STC) is a valuable addition to equine healthcare. Originally developed by the AO Technical Commission's Foot and Ankle Expert Group, the STC was reinforced and enriched for use in large animals. The STC is designed to provide the ability to maintain compression and targeted screw insertion. Improved accuracy of screw insertion gives more consistent and confident fracture repair and allows precise placement of specific screws into subchondral bone cysts close to joint space. Fabrice Rossignol, Kati Glass and Janik Gasiorowski, all members of the AO TC Large Animal Expert Group (LAEG) provided a live demonstration of the device at alongside the AO Davos Courses in December 2023, explaining and showcasing the benefits of the technology and its application.

Intrapelvic Acetabular System

Trends in occurence and treatment of pelvic fractures define a need for new intrapelvic acetabular devices to be used for stabilization. The possibility to deploy such new devices while using less invasive surgical approaches is of significant benefit to more fragile patients. The Intrapelvic Acetabular System provides a biomechanically sound implant set that can be adjusted intraoperatively to match the patient's anatomy. Further, a new complete set of instruments including plate trials and plateholders, retractors, reduction forceps, benders, and tools for screw insertion provide superior ease of use compared with other available solutions.

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