Biomedical Development

Developing innovative concepts and implants for orthopedic applications and research

Prof Boyko Gueorguiev-Rüegg

Program Leader

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By supporting the in-house processes for the development and design of medical devices according to EN ISO 13485, as well as running advanced projects in close collaboration with clinical, scientific, and industrial partners, as well as with the AO clinical divisions and AO Technical Commission, we offer extensive know-how, expertise, and experience in the fields of biomechanical testing and computational analyses to advance patient care.

A variety of clinical problems are addressed by the development of new concepts, approaches, tools, and novel implant systems for surgical applications and research in traumatology and orthopedics. The process of finding optimal solutions to clinical questions is enhanced by capabilities ranging from in silico methods to state-of-the-art anatomical labs for quick and effective hands-on work when an anatomical environment is required. Specifically, tailored test procedures involving the implementation of supplemental X-rays, video, and motion tracking systems are applied in diverse experiments on fracture fixation and joint reconstruction. State-of-the-art technologies, powerful numerical methods, and comprehensive tools for virtual simulations are integrated in order to answer various questions with special reference to biomechanical behavior of bone-implant constructs.

Modalities for medical imaging, processing, and analysis, including CT scanners with a wide range of resolutions and scanned volumes, are interlinked to account for increasingly sophisticated demands for morphological investigations, extract statistical and individual information from medical image data and extend the knowledge on variations of biomechanical bone characteristics and their role in persisting clinical problems.

The capabilities are completed by our prototype workshop offering rapid and high-quality manufacturing of devices, tools, and implants.

Our goals are

  • To develop and analyze new concepts and inspect new technologies that have potential relevance to solving clinical problems
  • To perform experimental and computational studies enhancing bone fracture fixation
  • To develop appropriate methods and procedures for the acquisition and analysis of medical image data

Focus areas

Biomechanics and Modeling

Concept Development

Medical Imaging

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