Preclinical surgery

Conducting high quality preclinical studies tailored to your research question

Animal models / study design

  • Wide range of standardized preclinical models for musculoskeletal research, infection research, and testing
  • Customized model development tailored to the study goal and research questions


Surgery / Anesthesia

  • Fully equipped surgical suites
  • Biosafety level 2 facilities


Post operative care

Housing and care facilities for:

  • Sheep
  • Rabbits
  • Rodents (conventional and IVC)
  • Minipigs
  • Goats

In vivo analysis

  • Digital radiography of hard tissue
  • Ultrasonography of soft and hard tissue
  • Computed tomography of all animal models in vivo and post mortem
  • Analysis of different blood parameters (eg, C reactive protein, serum level of antibiotics)

Intraoperative image of the placement of a surgical jig to create a standardized defect in the femur of a rat

Intraoperativeimage of a tibial defect stabilized with a custom made LCP in a sheep model


  • Team of Veterinary doctors including a European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ECLAM) board certified veterinarian
  • PhD doctorates supervising studies
  • Animal caregivers with up to 30 years of individual experience
  • Biologist MSc


  • ISO 9001
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)


Ulrich Bentz

AO Research Institute Davos

Clavadelerstrasse 8

7270 Davos Platz


Tel.: +41 81 414 23 26


Biomechanical testing and modelling

Medical imaging

Histology, tissue morphology and microscopy

Tissue engineering and cell biology

Infection studies

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