Services and resources

We bring together extensive expertise and experience in developing curriculum, faculty, and teaching materials to transform medical education, improve surgeon performance, and promote excellence in patient care.

Curriculum development

We develop competency-based programs for all AO clinical areas.

Faculty development

We foster and develop a global pool of world-class clinical teachers.

Teaching material development

Whatever is needed to support learning: books, journals, videos, websites, eLearning—we create it.

Let's speak the same language!

Running a global medical education organization requires a lot of communication between surgeon faculty, educationalists, event organizers, and staff. To make communication easier and avoid confusion the AO Education Institute has developed the “AO Glossary of Educational Terms” freely accessible to our entire global network.

Educational resources

Delivering relevant information at your fingertips when needed is our passion. We build genuine apps and dedicated websites.

AO Surgery Reference

The comprehensive online repository for surgical knowledge.

AO Videos

Browse through hundreds of online videos including course lectures, instructions for practical exercises, and best treatment options.


Publishing and Faculty Support Media produces a wide range of books, e-books, journals, classifications, and education related publications that highlight the pioneering work of the AO community.

Clinical library and tools:

AO Trauma
AO Spine

Faculty Support Packages

Faculty Support Packages include all the relevant tools and resources that faculty need to prepare for their educational event.

Access course planning and preparation materials, such as, program templates, course syllabi, standard lectures and case presentations.

AO Trauma Faculty Center
AO Spine Faculty Lounge
AO CMF Faculty Lounge
AO VET Faculty Lounge