Curriculum Development

Competency-based curriculum development is one of the AO Education Institute’s (AO EI) key offerings. Over the past 10 years, we have supported around 25 groups of surgeons and other clinicians in education taskforces and committees in the design, implementation, and evaluation of new curriculum-based educational events.

The AO curriculum development process

The Curriculum Development team develops competency-based educational programs for all clinical divisions, initiatives, and units of the AO.

The aim of curriculum development is to promote more effective patient care by organizing and delivering the knowledge inherent in the AO. A curriculum consists of a specific set of outcomes that learners should achieve, and that can be verified. A curriculum is also the processes that occurs before, during, and after an educational intervention (eg, a course) and the tools that support these processes, eg, preparing and evaluating learning (including faculty preparation). In AO Education Institute the Curriculum Development team works closely with selected AO members who provide their clinical and procedural expertise to get the most out of both clinical and educational know-how.

AO Competency-Based Curriculum

The seal of quality in medical education

Education in AO is designed by using a dedicated process grounded in the most recent evidence from medical education research. All programs featuring the “AO Competency-Based Curriculum” stamp were developed using this process.


  • Glossary: Definitions have been agreed within the AO for the most commonly used medical education terms in both curriculum and faculty development. Glossary
  • Guidelines: How to write learning objectives. Download PDF
  • Roles and responsibilities of a taskforce: AO Trauma Education Taskforce. Download PDF
  • AO Assessment Toolkit: article and documentation. Download PDF


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