Preclinical Services

Conducting high quality preclinical studies tailored to your research question

Dr Stephan Zeiter

Program Leader
Focus Area Leader:
Preclinical Surgery

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Preclinical Services comprises Preclinical Surgery, Preclinical Facility and Tissue Morphology. Preclinical Services conducts all in vivo studies at AO Research Institute Davos—often in close collaboration with other focus areas. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to assist researchers in a modular manner, starting with project design and ending with data analysis and publication. We also continuously refine our models and methodologies.

The main partners for collaborative projects are the different programs of the AO Research Institute Davos, AO clinicians, AO industrial partners and external institutions.

Our goals are

  • to conduct all in vivo studies with the utmost responsibility and to the highest standards of reproducibility
  • to ensure animal welfare and to apply the 3R principles
  • to refine preclinical models and methodologies
  • to process tissue for histological analysis, evaluate slides and report on findings
  • to produce data of high quality in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and AAALAC.

Focus areas

Preclinical Surgery

Tissue Morphology

Preclinical Facility

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