ARI achieves US charitable organizations equivalency status

Over 60 years ago, the philanthropic nature of the AO Foundation's surgical founding fathers led to the life-changing research performed at the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) in Switzerland. ARI's grounding resulted in the establishment of disruptive osteosynthesis techniques and set the stage for one of the largest global post-graduate training organizations. Esteemed worldwide for its groundbreaking work, ARI is proud to announce it has received a new recognition with the acquisition of a US status known as Equivalency Determination (ED) that validates that non-US-based organizations are on par with US-based 501(c)(3) charities.

NGOsource determined that AO Forschungsinstitut Davos (the official German-language legal entity for ARI) is organized and operated in accordance with guidelines that US tax authorities require for public charitable organizations. As AO Forschungsinstitut Davos already has a current ED certificate in the NGOsource repository, US-based donors can make grants to ARI with fewer restrictions.

This allows the philanthropic spirit of the AO's founders to continue with our US-based partners. After a rigorous approvals process by NGOsource, it is now possible for US donors to make tax-deductible donations to ARI. New individual and institutional donors need only approach NGOsource to initiate the process.

Following this certification, ARI has already received a first major donation of over one million dollars from a US-based benefactor. These funds will be used to significantly enhance ex vivo model systems for cartilage regeneration by further augmenting ARI's world-leading cartilage bioreactor system. The modified system will combine physiological oxygen levels, allowing a mechanical load to be applied under conditions that recapitulate the articulating joint. This state-of-the-art system will be used to screen new clinical therapies while dramatically reducing the use of large animal models.