Hot off the press: AO Annual Report 2020

The AO Annual Report 2020, now available to read online and for download as a PDF, details the AO’s many 2020 achievements, including our agile response to the COVID-19 pandemic in a year out of the ordinary.
Recounting the organization’s 2020 milestones in educationinnovationresearchfinance and governance, and corporate social responsibility (CSR), the report describes, for example, the AO’s mobilization to leverage technology to facilitate online education and expand its reach. A standout example was the overwhelming success of the first-ever online AO Davos Courses. On the innovation side, the AO’s achievements last year included the launch of the AO Innovation Translation Center and the AO Technical Commission’s approvals of a number of new solutions addressing needs from across the clinical divisions. At the same time, AO Research Institute Davos underscored its innovation legacy with the launch of OSapp and recorded a new record high number of publications.

Other key achievements in 2020 were the renewal of the AO’s cooperation with industrial partner DePuy Synthes; reaffirmation of its commitment to opportunity, diversity, and inclusion with the launch of AO Access; launch of the AO Sports initiative; and, in response to the global crisis, continuation of local and global CSR activities to positively impact patients, the health sector, and communities.

Read about all of these achievements and more in the AO Annual Report 2020, bringing the achievements of an extraordinary year to life with compelling infographics, images, and videos from across the AO’s clinical divisions, unit, and institutes.