AO contributes to AMEE 2020 medical education conference

Best practice and continuous improvement

AMEE, the Association for Medical Education in Europe promotes international excellence in education in the healthcare professions across the continuum of undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing professional education. Despite the challenging times, the AO continued the established contributions to the
AMEE annual conference.

This year AMEE ran in a virtual environment over three days, with a choice of sessions scheduled over a 13-hour period each day, showcasing plenary sessions and panel discussions with international speakers and live question and answer sessions, workshop-type Masterclass sessions with live group discussions, short presentations and poster sessions.

In addition to conference attendance from clinical division surgeons and staff, this year AO contributed their expertise to the conference in a range of different sessions:

  • Surgery Track
    • Program planning and implementation (Committee member, Jane Wiedler)

  • Masterclass implementation:
    • Creating and Implementing an Evaluation and Assessment System for CPD (Monica Ghidinelli, Michael Cunningham, Jane Wiedler, Miriam Uhlmann, Urs Rüetschi)

  • Short presentations:
    • Barriers to entry as AO faculty and for advancement in the organization for women and other underrepresented groups (Tatjana Topalovic, Samantha L. Morello, Amy Kapatkin, Matthew J Allen, Clare Allen)
    • Development and evaluation of skills stations for hip and knee arthroplasty (Philipp von Roth, Bas Masri, Michael Huo, Robert Hube, Bas Wijburg, Michael Cunningham)

  • E-poster:
    • Video recording orthopedic trauma surgical procedures: Solutions to challenges (Monica Ghidinelli, Michael Cunningham, Alexander Joeris, Thommy Rüegg, Anthony G Gallagher, Urs Ruetschi)

Sharing best practices and medical education research are essential to the continuous improvement of medical education and is a commitment of the AO Education Institute.