AO Surgery Reference unveils new periprosthetic hip content

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AO Surgery Reference periprosthetic hip fractures

AO Surgery Reference has launched a new module covering the hip periprosthetic fracture. This is the first module dedicated to a completely new area, with a new skeleton, under the orthopedic trauma section.

This new content is particularly relevant to orthopedic surgeons in the AO Recon and AO Trauma networks who are interested in hip periprosthetic fracture management. This is the first joint-specific module to be added to AO Surgery Reference.

Explore the AO Surgery Reference periprosthetic fracture module.

Updates to come under periprosthetic fracture management include the knee, which is due to be published by the end of 2020, and the shoulder and elbow modules which are in the early planning phase. For AO Trauma, there will be the revision of the distal femur and distal humerus for adults. The treatment of pediatric femoral shaft fractures is also due to be published shortly.

This new module was edited by Michael Baumgaertner, who stressed the relevance of this module for young and generalist orthopedic trauma surgeons, and authored by Derek Donegan, Michael Huo, and Michael Leslie.

Michael Huo said that this is "a succinct guide for clinicians that incorporates the most contemporary information and techniques in how to manage periprosthetic fractures around a hip implant. This gives the surgeons and their care team direct access to the recommendations and the step-by-step management methodologies to this complex problem and injury."

The benefits go beyond this, however, Michael Huo continued: "it is easy to access on-line. It provides the surgeons and their care team a "blue print framework" on how to diagnose, to plan, and to execute the treatment plans."

Michael Huo said: "This the first of its kind in the AO Foundation portfolio of educational material, and the access to such content. Moreover, I am unaware of any such product that is available globally from either institutional programs, or from the education offering content from the difference international associations."

Michael Baumgaertner said: "Given the continuing expansion of arthroplasty as an effective treatment for symptomatic arthritis in active adults, and their significantly increased lifespan, periprosthetic fractures—from both high energy mechanisms and those related to osteoporosis—are now common and can only increase in frequency. The new AO Surgery Reference periprosthetic fracture module was created for the surgeons who will need to manage these fractures."

Explaining the relevance of a new module, Michael Baumgaertner stressed the ease of use and responsiveness of AO Surgery Reference: "Although reports on many of these fractures can be found in the literature, and there are a few texts created by either reconstruction or fracture authors, busy clinicians will be challenged to get the core information they need to effectively treat their patients. The AO Surgical Reference employed author teams comprised of arthroplasty and fracture experts to create in one module a unified approach to the full spectrum of fracture patterns. The module provides guiding principles as well as the technical details to be successful in a generously illustrated and familiar format that is immediately available to all clinicians."