Diversity in the spotlight at OneAO

Inclusion and diversity at North America's OneAO Conference

Every year, AO North America holds the One AO conference, as part of its work to engage with the community, develop through learning, and share the AO spirit.

The 2020 event included a session focusing on culture, including dynamic and nationally recognized expert interactive presentations, group activities, and thought-provoking discussions on healthcare cultures that drive the practice of medicine today.

Samantha Morello, DVM, Diplomate ACVS, Clinical Associate Professor of Large Animal Surgery, University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine, USAtook part in that session, and said: "I had the opportunity to present some of the work my colleagues and I have done for the AO Foundation on Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the OneAO North America Meeting in Phoenix.  This was such a unique event, to come together with orthopedic surgeons from across the US and Canada, human and veterinary, and talk about things that relate to us all as doctors, surgeons, and educators.

There’s no other organization out there like AO, and OneAO was a reminder that, even for a group with a tremendous global reach and so much breadth of expertise, you really just feel like you’re a part of a family. But it was also a chance to consider, how diverse and inclusive are we really? And are there ways we can adapt AO to become more accessible and transparent, and to provide more opportunities to a broader network of people?

If we’re going to keep bringing the best people we can into AO and into orthopedic fields, and providing the best education for our trainees and care for our patients, increasing diversity in all the various forms it takes, has to be a part of our path forward."