AO offers best-in-class symposia at DKOU

DKOU is one of the world's largest events in orthopedics.  

DKOU Michael Raschke
Michael Raschke, AO Trauma, DKOU Berlin, Germany, 2018

At DKOU2019, held in Berlin October 22 to 25, the AO is hosting a record number of scientific symposia and seminars involving leading international experts in their fields from AO Recon, AO Spine, and AO Trauma. In English and German, whatever your specialty, the AO has something for you at DKOU.

AO Recon at DKOU

AO Recon offers you the chance to gain valuable insight into current trends in primary total knee replacement. Similarly, if you want to improve your understanding of how to deal with complications after total knee replacements or total hip arthroplasty, AO Recon's sessions give you what you need.

On Wednesday, October 23, AO Recon hosts an all-day symposium in the Festsaal, during which top-class faculty board will address total hip and knee arthroplasty, including primary and revision surgery. AO Recon also invites participants to mingle informally over lunch in the Festsaal from 12:30 to 13:30. See AO Recon's full program at DKOU.

AO Recon Course, Principles of Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, skills station and meet the experts, Regional courses, Dubai, Emirates, 2018

It is fitting that AO Recon this year adopts such a prominent position at DKOU. It was created five years ago in response to the unmet needs relating to the globally rising number of joint replacements due to trauma or degenerative disease. Since then, AO Recon has built on the AO's strengths and become globally recognized in its field. It continues to grow to meet market demand for its highly valuable education and skills training: in 2018 it offered 24 courses in 18 countries, in 2019 it is offering 35 courses in 25 countries, and these numbers are expected to rise in 2020 and following years.
Manuela Ernst presenting the AO Fracture Monitor at the AO booth, DKOU 2017

AO Trauma's opening symposia at DKOU2019 are held in the Grosser Saal on October 22: with AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa's focus on the pelvis and acetabulum. More on AO Trauma's offerings at DKOU 2019 can be found here. On Thursday Oct 24, AO Recon and AO Trauma offer a joint symposium on Periprosthetic fractures of the knee, led by Dan Berry and Fares Haddad, in the Festsaal, from 11:00 to 12:30.

This year the AO offers a more diverse range of symposia, sessions, and demonstrations at DKOU than ever before. AO Spine is hosting a symposium on Wednesday October 23, titled AO Spine: Sagittal Profile: Worth the Discussion?

On DKOU's final day, AO Trauma Deutschland will award its knowledge prize, recognizing outstanding contributions to the treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

Find your AO experience at the AO booth

The AO booth is your home from home at DKOU. Grab a coffee, find out about AO opportunities in your fields, and learn more about how the AO today works to improve patient care. Test your arthroplasty skills with our AO Recon online game and get a taste of the AO Recon Skills Lab. One of the stations, alignment of the tibial cut, will be exhibited all day Thursday at the AO booth (hall 2.2 booth 20) and showcased by Philipp von Roth from 12:45-14:15. Also at the AO booth: experience the AO Fracture Monitor–an implantable biofeedback sensor device that measures fracture healing status and patient activity.

AO Fracture Monitor, AO Research Institute Davos, AO Trauma, Manuela Ernst, Markus Windolf, AO Foundation Davos Courses, December, 2018

Innovations for clinical impact

The AO is known for having transformed patient care and outcomes, and it builds on this legacy every day–as the leading innovator in its field, innovation at the AO covers the full cycle of development, and includes basic research, product development, and clinical validation. On Thursday, Oct 24, the AO Development Incubator is holding a special session titled "Let us help bring your idea into patient care" in Lindau 3 from 14:30 to 16:00. This is your chance to explore the challenges and opportunities of developing treatment innovations that respond to emerging clinical needs, from the perspectives of expert surgeons, regulators, patients, and investors.