AO Technical Commission opens up to new talent

AO Technical Commission Experts' Symposium case presentation winner joins Intramedullary Nailing Expert Group meeting
AO Technical Commission opens to new talent
From l-r: Michael Raschke, Maximilian Hartel winner of case presentation, and Pol Rommens symposium chair, Mainz, Germany

Maximilian Hartel, the case presentation winner of the most recent European AO Technical Commission Experts' Symposium, has taken part in the Intramedullary Nailing Expert Group meeting, held in Zuchwil, Switzerland on March 23, 2019.

Hartel's winning presentation was one of 27 cases considered at the 13th European AO Technical Commission Experts' Symposium, held in October 2018, at the Medical University, Mainz, Germany. During the one-and-a-half-day symposium, ten faculty from four countries and 43 participants from 20 countries took part in case discussions and learned from each other.

What AO Technical Commission System Expert Group meetings offer new generations

"The AO Technical Commission Expert Group concept ensures a high level of professionalism. It is very much appreciated that the Expert Groups are open to involve new surgeons like me, to bring in new ideas and insights in the development process to come up with better treatment solutions. I have always enjoyed the opportunity to exchange ideas with other surgeons and to discuss the implementation process with development engineers. Of particular interest for me are the detailed medical and technical thought-processes that have led to specific designs thereby pushing the limits of technical feasibility," Hartel said.

The AO Technical Commission has 19 Expert Groups, each of which includes several medical members from different regions who work together to develop solutions for existing clinical problems. Making sure that these Expert Groups are open to talented young surgeons creates a vital channel between established experts in their field and up-and-coming generations.

"Being involved in discussions at this expert level is very motivating and offers opportunities to develop and share my own problem-solving ideas. I felt that, right from the beginning, I was involved in the development process," Hartel said.

The topics considered at AO Technical Commission Expert Groups have a direct impact on the AO's work to further its mission, as discussions revolve around the direct connection between problems that clinicians and health care professionals see on a daily basis—and solutions that can be implemented in practice.

Events such as AO Technical Commission Experts' Symposia appeal to the brightest and the best and play a vital role in ensuring talented young surgeons have a clear route into the AO's innovation powerhouse.