Biomaterials taming neutrophils for healthy inflammation

ARI Exploratory Research

EI Bektas, M D'Este


Neutrophils are the first immune cells recruited to the sites of injury, inflammation, or infection, and play a major role in the innate immune response upon implantation of biomaterials. They are very sensitive to environmental changes; therefore, the physical and chemical properties of biomaterials could have an influence on the activation of neutrophils. Investigating and understanding the interactions between biomaterials and neutrophils is crucial to establish design principles for biomaterials to provide an immune response fostering tissue repair and regeneration.



The purpose of this project is to establish how biomaterial composition, mechanical properties, and topographical features influence neutrophils inflammatory profile and phagocytic activity. In a broader context, with this project we are aiming to contribute towards establishing principles on how to design biomaterials priming a neutrophil response avoiding chronic inflammation.



The preliminary results of this study indicate that the surface composition and topography could have an impact on neutrophil metabolic activity, further investigation is required to understand the regulatory effects of neutrophils on tissue repair and regeneration. 

  • Publication

    Wesdorp MA, Schwab A, Bektas EI, Narcisi R, Eglin D, Stoddart MJ, et al. A culture model to analyze the acute biomaterial-dependent reaction of human primary neutrophils in vitro. Bioact Mater. 2023;20:627-37.

    Isik M, Okesola BO, Eylem CC, Kocak E, Nemutlu E, Emregul E, D'Este M, Derkus B. Tuning the cell-adhesive properties of two-component hybrid hydrogels to modulate cancer cell behavior, metastasis, and death pathways. Biomacromolecules. 2022;23(10):4254-67. 

  • Presentation
    Bektas EI, Miklosic G, Wychowaniec JK, D'Este M. Evaluating the role of protein coatings in modulating neutrophil activation on 3D printed PCL scaffolds. 2023 ESB (Biomaterials) / (oral)
    Bektas EI, Wesdorp MA, Schwab A, Stoddart MJ, Mata A, van Osch GJVM, D'Este M. Towards understanding how neutrophil instruct the immune response to biomaterials. 2023 EORS (oral)
  • Partner
    Swiss Institute for Asthma and Allergy, SIAF, Davos