Biofunctional membrane for treatment of mandibular defect (MASTICATE)

T Serra, D Eglin


In clinical practice the development of guided tissue regeneration has considerably influenced the possibility of implant use in the jaw regions with bone defects and those with a bone anatomy that is unfavorable for implant anchorage. Membranes used for guided tissue regeneration are used in combination with bone grafts or bone graft substitutes to support vertical bone augmentation, growth and closure of periodontal soft tissue. Still, dehiscence- and fenestration-type defects persist in a significant percent of patients. This may be due to difficulty in achieving primary wound closure and suboptimal speed of soft and hard tissue healing as a result of the large volume to be revascularized, covered and repaired. The overall aim of this study is to develop a dual layer membrane using a surface acoustic wave additive manufacturing technology with: 1) a bone layer made of assembled osteoconductive CaP microparticles into parallel lines in a collagen matrix (Figure) and 2) a soft tissue layer made of pre-assembled adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments within a collagen matrix, for fast vascularization and bone healing.

  • Publication

    Petta D, Basoli V, Pellicciotta D, Tognato R, Barcik JP, Arrigoni C, Della Bella E, Armiento AR, Candrian C, Richards RG, Alini M, Moretti M, Eglin D, Serra T. Sound-induced morphogenesis of multicellular systems for rapid orchestration of vascular networks. Biofabrication. 2020;epub Sep 25