Small bone external fixator

A simple innovative solution to small bone fractures

An AO-educated surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in reconstructive surgery is seeing his innovation vision come to life, thanks to AO development incubator funding and support. As a springboard for innovations outside the domain of the AO’s valued partner DePuy Synthes, a Johnson & Johnson Group company, the AO is helping Karl Heinz Bürger, MD, move his invention—a new system for the external fixation of fingers—toward proof of concept and valorization. The system uses snap-on brackets to hold the horizontal rods of a fixation brace in place and is a simple and efficient fixation solution. Bürger, an Austria-based surgeon who treats patients in over 40 hospitals across central Europe each year, is proud to say that his invention furthers the AO mission. [Continue to read]

Designed to...

  • Provide quick, easy, flexible, fixation
  • Be more responsive to patient needs
  • Offer clinicians a less invasive treatment option

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